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Tandem paragliding balloon drop record


8400 m


Miha Repovž (pilot) and Primož Lajevec (co-pilot) on 17.7.2004 set the new tandem altitude record: 8400m! This project took, with all the preparations and lower jumps, more than a year, while the idea itself is much older. The list of cooperating experts is long and they all deserve a strong handshake after the success:


Grega Trček (Balloon pilot)

Brane Brodnik (doctor)

Sandi Marinčič (special flying gear)

Uroš Spruk (comunications)

Klemen Lajevec (photography)


The record was set early in the morning. We took off from Logatec and climbed for around one hour. On the way up we flew through the scattered layer of clouds with incredible views. The air above was crystal clean, visibility endless. The altitude we reached did (positively) almost surprise us. Obviously everything fit in the place, the team, the weather, performances of the equipment.

At the top we found extremely easy wind (10 kt) and the temperature of – 35°C. With the wind chill factor (once we were airborn with the paraglider) this temperature was felt close to 'static' -70°C!

Miha perfectly controlled the opening of the glider (which took longer than on lower altitudes). Emotions and relief after succesful take off  were incredible, flying this high spectacular. As one would sit on the edge of Airbus's wing with legs swinging in the emptiness. After some enjoying we tried to descend as fast as possible. Miha and I were quite beaten of endles spirals and wing overs since the G loads are much stronger due to the higer air speed. Tired but happy we landed near the famous Plečnik's church in the Črna vas village.

It was done and it wouldn't be without:

Radio HIT


Restavracija Repovž

Axis Mundi


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