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Tandem paragliding

If you want to experience most authentic flying, you are invited to tandem paragliding. No cabin, no noise, only the sound of the wind. The best pilots are even ready to show you some paragliding aerobatics if you wish. High speed, g-force ... for adrenalin fans! But, of course, you can enjoy beautiful, quiet panoramic flight without dynamic inserts.
Paragliding is a good choice almost everywhere in Slovenia, our favourite areas are Krvavec and Bohinj. Each area is unique. Krvavec with it's big height difference and thermic reliability, Bohinj with it's crystal clear lake and magnificent alpine panorama, the real paragliding heaven. We use hills with height difference of 1000 m for Big flights and smaller, 400 m hills for 'little' panoramic flights.

Our latest 'product': photo flight! With beautifull, high quality photos from your paragliding air adventure (you get files of images via dropbox or similar) you will remember it more often!

100 eur (Vogar - little panoramic paragliding flight)
120 eur (Studor - prolongued flight  with soaring)
145 eur (Big panoramic paragliding flight)
165 eur (aerobatic paragliding flight)
165 eur (photo/video paragliding flight)
200 eur (hard core aerobatic flight)

Join us in the air! Paragliding will make you smile!